Co-create a Sustainable Future with the Maasai

The Maa word Osotua means the "invisible umbilical cord" which unites us all. If we are in need and ask for help, others will come to our aid. Being one of the strongest concepts within the Maa culture, it captures our vision well. The Maasai and Osotua co-create and implement sustainable land-use management systems by connecting ecology, economy and anthropology. Thereby improving the health and lives of Maasai, livestock and wildlife in an eco-friendly and socially sustainable way.


"taking care"of people, livestock and wildlife

It is the Econology, Stupid!

- economy and ecology combined, with culture as base..

masai economy ecosystem


The Maasai needs a healty and sustainable livelhood, which we establish by selling the products of Eramatare through social businesses to reach out for the poor of the poor and women


With using nature inclusive and regenarative land use methods and building technics, we create a healthy ecosystem, beat climate change and increase biodiversity


The ecosystem we live in, is the base of culture as expressed in artefacts, indigenous knowledge, rituals and way of living. In Eramatare, we combine Maasai culture with scientific insights to implement our projects succesfully

Our partner

Since Dieke and Nelson met eachother in the Mara a sincere and strong cooperation has started. Finding each other in the shared vision, dedication and perseverance, the work of Nelson ole Kirrokor strongly supported by his board and community, has been indispensable for Eramatare and the welfare of his community.

Present projects:

  • training in the Oltim Lee Maa Cosmetic Brand (first soaps are sold)
  • training of 110 land owners in sustainable rangeland management
  • training and implementing of  sustainable water managements technics
  • Developing a sustainable and off grid house
  • Developing Oloip Mara Innovation Hub

White Mountain Movement

Dutch and Maasai organisations are working together on a sustainable future. With a shared "Eramatare" vision we co-create the sustainable future for people & planet!

Being independent and fully in control of their own destiny the Maasai are working together through sharing training, knowledge and helping each other when in need.

Our partners:

In the Mara:

  • NCDF, Olesekin & Mara Isinya Conservancy

In Laikipia and Samburu:

  • Laikipia Permaculture Trust & Impact Trust Kenya

In Kaijado/Amboseli

  • Maasai center for regenarative Pastoralism & individual landowners

In the Netherlands:

  • Osotua Foundation, Friends of the Maasai, Embassy of the Earth


The idea for a sustainable ecosystem restoration concept for the savanna to survive climate change started in 2012 when founder Dieke Geerling lived among the Maasai in Loita Plains for almost 2 months. The Osotua Foundation combines Dieke's ideas, experiences and knowledge which she accumulated while living and working in the savannas of Africa for a greater part of her life. During her visits to the savannas over the years, Dieke observed their accelerated deterioration, especially within the last 3 years. Her passion for this ecosystem urges her to support its inhabitants of in making it future-proof. She believes that Ecology, Economics and Anthropology are essential components to achieving this goal holistically. With the help of her board members and advisors, she is making this dream a reality!