Co-creating a Sustainable Future with the Maasai


In Kenya anti-Covid-19 includes the closing of all food- and livestock markets and both international and district borders . This is leaving the Maasai who are mostly depended on livestock, tourism and selling foods on markets for their income in an extreme vunerable position. With our Olosinko/Eratamare project we are already working on food security and income diversity in combination with ecosystem regenaration to help sustain and protect the Maasai and wildlife. 

As Covid-19 increases pressure on available resources we decided to help the Maasai with funding for the most urgent problems: water and soap for hygiene in the midst of this health crisis, and with water supply for the permaculture kitchen gardens for food production. 

Our funds will go to:

  1. repair of the water system in Nkoilale, 
  2. implementation of rain-water catchment systems around houses and kitchen gardens
  3. materials and training of making your own natural soap.  

As we are part of the White Mountain Movementt communities in Amboseli, Kaijado and Laikipa will be included in projects 2 & 3. for more information:


The  making of organic soap will be in cooperation with 

Em van Bemmel of www.zeepziederij-borssenburg.nl


Fire storms, droughts and floods are daily news. Climate extremes are a threat to nature and food gathering in many places. They know all about this in the Kenyan savannas. While there was an extreme drought two years ago, they are now washing away through the heaviest rains in 60 years. We as the White Mountain Movement are a movement of Maasai and Dutch organizations, which together seek, find and implement solutions to restore the savannah and thus the livelihood for the Maasai.

By uniting Maasai and listening to what they want and looking together at new ways to restore and use the land and biodiversity, Maasai, their cattle and wildlife can look forward to a climate-proof future. Parts of the solutions and wishes are nature-inclusive land use methods, reforestation in combination with the establishment of a biologically and socially sustainable economic value chain.

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The Maa word Osotua means the "invisible umbilical cord" which unites us all. If we are in need and ask for help, others will come to our aid. Being one of the strongest concepts within the Maa culture, it captures the aim of our foundation very well.

In collaboration with Maasai in the Mara - our partners below - we co-create and implement sustainable livelihood- and land-use management systems by connecting ecology, economy and anthropology, improving the health and lives of Maasai, livestock and ecosystem in an eco-friendly and socially sustainable way. 

Learn more about our partners and projects below.

Nkoilale Community Development Organisation (NCDO)

and the Olosinko Methodoogy

NCDO was founded to connect two Maasai communities and improve their health care, water access, income and education. These communities are facing the degradation of their land and harsh droughts due to climate change.

The Olosinko Initiative is our flagship project. Together with NCDO, we aim to develop and implement holisitic grazing management, wildlife-friendly protection and alternative sources of income for the Maasai in Nkoilale Community in order to beat climate change and co-create a sustainable future for them. 

Thanks to your funding, we have already taken significant steps towards achieving our goals, yet a lot remains to be done. We are currently still in need of 

€ 25,000

With this money we can do a rock water catchement at Emuny Ranch, train the trainers for holistic grazing management and permaculture. In our garden we can make a live fence including a beehive fence and set up a value chain with the lodges to sell our products

African Conservation Centre (ACC)

We are going to work together on wildlife conservation and women empowerment!

More information to follow.

Thanks to your funding, we have already taken significant steps towards achieving our goals, yet a lot remains to be done. We are currently still in need of 

€ 15,000

We work together with the women to set up a social businesses for natural and organic cosmetics. We need training, an oilpress and eqipment to create our own Maasai cosmetic line.

Organic & Natural Cosmetics

Together with the women of Nkoilale and the White Mountain Movement, we want to set up the organic and natural cosmetics line Oltim Lee Maa. With local resources plants and herbs, we can create an extra source of income.

 With the help of Em van Bemmel of Zeepziederij Borssenburg Maasai will use their own indigenous knowledge to (re)discover local plants and trees which we can use as ingredients to make our own oil and flagrance for our cosmetic line. With making our own recipe's and providing materials and training in how to make oils and cosmetics, the women create an unique natural cosmetic line which can be sold to tourists, lodges and in the upcoming market of Nairobi.


The idea for a sustainable ecosystem restoration concept for the savanna to survive climate change started in 2012 when founder Dieke Geerling lived among the Maasai in Loita Plains for almost 2 months.

The Osotua Foundation combines Dieke's ideas, experiences and knowledge which she accumulated while living and working in the savannas of Africa for a greater part of her life. During her visits to the savannas over the years, Dieke observed their accelerated deterioration, especially within the last 3 years. Her passion for this ecosystem urges her to support its inhabitants of by making it future-proof. She believes that Ecology, Economics and Anthropology are essential components to achieving this goal holistically.

With the help of her board members and advisors, she is making this dream a reality!


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