About Us



The daughter of a wildlife ecologist, raised in the savannas of West Africa and, since 2002, safari specialist, Dieke Geerling, the founder and director of the Osotua Foundation, has great knowledge of Africa, safari tourism and nature. She subsequently studied Organizational Sciences at VU University Amsterdam and lived for two months among the Maasai of the Loita Plains for her graduation project. It was then that her love for the Maasai deepened. During this stay, she got to know various Maasai, including Hellen Nkuraiya, and with them she developed the plan for the Olosinko Concept.

Dieke looks for and coordinates the knowledge, expertise and tools of specialists and brings them together to achieve a synergetic effect while always keeping the interests of the different stakeholders in mind. She believes in giving an independent voice to livestock and wildlife/biodiversity. Dieke places much emphasis on the transformation of old indigenous knowledge and methods, while mixing them with new scientific ones, creating a fusion of Maasai culture and modern technology. She has a sharp, fast and creative way of finding holistic solutions to balance the interests of the various stakeholders.


All board members voluntarily donate their time, expertise and network to the Osotua Foundation.

Adrianne Jonquière -Breure


Adrianne is passionate about circular economy, improving organizations and changing buildings. Critical yet cooperative, she loves working in India and Africa! 


Dorien van Doorn


Dorien is independent and has a knack for improving complicated logistical processes in industrial settings. She has a passion for horses and setting up businesses - and an insaitable curiosity about other cultures!


Catharina van Staveren

Advisor Communication 

Catharina is inspired by her grandfather who worked for the UN and deeply involved in Peace, human Rights and the SDG's. She has an extensive experience and network among  the international press,  public figures and celebrities from around the world.


Joep van Mierlo


Conservation & Cattle

Combining development, natural resource and livestock background, he believes that -working in conservation areas- it is important to support the livelihoods of the people living there, and that livestock can work for conservation, livelihood & community development at the same time.