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The Olosinko Initiative is our flagship project.

What does "Olosinko" mean?

An Olosinko is the coral within the village protecting the livestock against predators. This is a strong symbol as livestock is the heart of the Maasai culture, status and livelihood. By putting the Olosinko in the heart of the community, the community is protecting their culture, values and livelihood.

Who is the driving force behind Olosinko?

The Initiative is a co-creation between Osotua Foundation and the Maasai living in Nkoilale who have been brought together thanks to the efforts of Nelson Kirrokor and his organization, the Nkolaile Community Development Organization (NCDO).

What is Oloinko's aim?

With Olosinko we aim to make the savanna healthy again by introducing agriculture-based, ecofriendly and holistic principles combined with the development of a local value chain by setting up social businesses for local hotels and markets.

What is special about Olosinko?

It is a unique, community-led approach, created from a Maasai perspective and supported by modern technology and expertise. Each and every decision made is based on critically guarding the interests of the Maasai, as well as that of wildlife/biodiversity and livestock. This fusion of Maasai culture and modern technology results in a synergetic effect which is easily adaptable and leads to a fast and creative way of finding new solutions. 


Nkoilale Community Development Organisation (NCDO)

has organized the community for more over 15 years and has started to implement projects benefiting the community, such as providing water, healthcare and economic opportunities to raise prosperity.

Nelson ole Kirrokor is the director of NCDO and has a central role within Olosinko as being the linking pin between the Osotua Foundation, the technical team and the community. Whereas the Osotua Foundation coordinates the outside stakeholders, networks and looks for funding, Nelson is the one testing the ideas within the community, protecting and giving a voice to the interests of the community, and coordinating the implementation on the ground.

The members of the Olosinko technical team are specialists in their own field and chosen because of their belief in and experience with a community-led, ecologically healthy, commercial approach.


Richard Hatfield is our holistic livestock specialist from the Mara Training Centre:

David Kairo is our commercial specialist from Elimustawi:

Joseph Lentunyoi is Maasai and founder of the Laikipia Permaculture Training Centre in Laikipia:


Wilde Ganzen supports Olosinko. For every donated Euro, they will give 50 cents!


Thanks to your funding, we have managed to:

  1. Purchase a boran bull for breeding
  2. Purchase a motorbike to enable Nelson ole Kirrokor to be more effective in his coordinating role
  3. Create a cattle crush for providing cheap health care and trading possibilities
  4. Organize permaculture training for 30 community members on the principles of permaculture, starting an aloe garden for cosmetics and restoring landscape by anti-erosion matters
  5. Organize a 3-day training in holistic grazing management for a selected group of the participating communities at Mara training center
  6. Start an aloe vera garden for making cosmetics
  7. Support the women's craft center


These are the next steps in reaching our goal:


  1. Organize trainings in setting up social businesses
  2. Start with homestead improvements with the help of training and by implementing rainwater catchment and private land use management
  3. Start with a holisitic grazing management plan and training of the trainers


Funding needed: €45,000


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