Enkiteng Lepa is the first private Maasai school in Kenya. Located in Maji Moto, the primary school provides high-quality education for both boys and girls and also serves as a refuge for young girls who have run away from female genital mutilation and forced marriage. 

At her home, "Tepesua", founder Nametjoi "Hellen" Nkuraiya has a tourist camp, a widow village and a feeder school for the small children who are too young to board. Tepesua is a half-hour drive away from the Enkiteng Lepa school.

Thanks to Hellen's endless efforts, the school was named the best primary school in the Narok Distric County in 2018. We at the Ostua Foundation help her to collect donations for her pupils and building projects.


Hellen Nkuraiya is a remarkable woman with a remarkable story. From a traditional Maasai family, she was married off twice by her father (in exchange for cows), the first time at age nine. She fled from this life – later receiving sponsorship for schooling.

Nkuraiya has led a life of taking a stand – against child marriage, female genital mutilation, fighting for education for girls, rights for widows and the end of life-long subservience for women. Nkuraiya founded the academically acclaimed Enkiteng Lepa School in Maji Moto as well as widow's villages in two communities where widows (who have no property,  no rights, and can never remarry) can find support, safety, and community.

Hellen’s work has not gone unnoticed in Kenya and she was most fortunate to be recognized by Egerton University for a prestigious award for Gender Awareness day, acknowledging her amazing perseverance and results.


Thanks to your funding, Epiteng Lepa now has:

  1. a washroom block with 3 toilets and 3 showers
  2. one classroom
  3. a dining hall for 200 persons
  4. sent 25 people to a 1-day permaculture training
  5. sent 2 people to a 2-week permaculture training in Laikipia 
  6. sponsorship for 3 students (1 for 1 school year)
  7. a female student pursuing a complete university study in Nairobi


We still want to help Hellen:

  1. install a biogas ecofriendly sewage system at the school which will stop deforestation and provide cheap and clean energy for the cooks to work in a healthy environment.
  2. purchase a school bus, as Hellen wants to take the children on excursions. The school bus will also pick up small children close to their homes for safety reasons.


Funding needed: €21,750


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