White Mountain Movement


White Mountain is a coalition of three Dutch organizations: the Osotua Foundation, Embassy of the Earth and the Friends of the Maasai.

Together we support Maasai communities in the southern part of Kenya by connecting and activating our networks, articulating the needs of the Maasai, supporting them with knowledge when needed and organizing joint fundraising.

We have finished two projects to raise awareness and contribute to fundraising for the Maasai and the ecosystem regeneration:

Michiel de Koning and his fabulous team from Heroes & Friends have made the Virtual Reality Movie about the Maasai and their story.

Together with the talented photographer Marielle de Valk and designer Juan Nibbelink, we connected this movie to our coffee table book capturing the landscape and lives of the Maasai.


Postal Address: Westwagenstraat 72, 4201 HJ, Gorinchem, Netherlands

Phone: (+31) 6 1445 1891

Email: info@osotuafoundation.com


Address: Koningin Wilhelminstraat 17, 3832 AV Leusden Netherlands

KvK:  63228181  RSIN: 8551.46.242

Account: NL03TRIO 0390 938 890


Photos on the website courtesy of Marielle de Valk

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